Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Benefits of Dash Cams for Your Fleet in Amarillo, TX

Organizations with large fleets of vehicles, from cars to vans or large semi-trucks, are usually looking for ways to make their fleets safer. Road accidents can be dangerous and expensive. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States. Installing fleet dash cams in Amarillo, TX, in company vehicles can help keep your employees safe and lower the cost of insurance claims.

Fleet dash cams can be installed on different parts of the vehicle. Rear fleet backup cams and front dash cameras are the most popular, but there are also options for interior driver-facing cameras. Cameras can run on battery power or can be powered by the vehicles electrical system. Its essential to pick a camera system that provides footage of high enough quality to see facial features or license plates. Its also crucial to check how the cameras footage is stored and for how long.


One of the biggest reasons many organizations use fleet dash cams is to provide an accurate record of an accident. These cameras can show important facts like who had the right-of-way, which can go a long way in defending a driver or reducing fraudulent claims of injuries or accident set-ups. Fleet dash cams are also useful for fleet managers to monitor driver performance and identify those who may need extra training.


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Fleet Services in Amarillo, TX, Get Your Vehicles Ready for Work

Looking after a large number of vehicles is challenging. Even managing a small fleet of trucks and vans will prove difficult if you have many other tasks on your plate. At F/X Motorsports, we know that fleet services in Amarillo, TX, are the solution, and we’ll tell you why.

When you trust a team of experienced professionals to provide fleet services, you get the confidence that comes from knowing the work is done correctly. Trained technicians can perform any project that you need to complete with minimal delay, so your SUVs, vans, and trucks are on the road when required. Fleet vehicles are the lifeblood of many companies, and they help the business operate and make money, so the quicker the work is done, the better.


You need to look for a company to handle your vehicle fleet that can provide a range of services, so you don’t have to go from shop to shop to get the work completed. Take the time to find a business with the skills and equipment to take care of many tasks such as installing toolboxes, van shelving, ladder racks, steps, and work lights. Once these are in place, your fleet of vehicles will be ready to get the job done.


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

All About Camper Toppers in Amarillo, TX

 If you have a pickup truck, you already know how versatile they are, but they can be made even better when you add one of the many camper toppers in Amarillo, TX.


Camper toppers quickly and easily transform your standard truck into an even more stylish and useful vehicle. These fiberglass and aluminum shells offer a robust and durable add-on to your pickup. Truck owners use them to customize their vehicles while also adding extra storage space that’s secure and protected from the weather.

 The only limit to how much use you can get out of one of these caps is your imagination. They’re great for your pets when you want to take them along without crowding the cab or your truck, or you can store your tools in there safely if you’re a tradesman. If you don’t mind roughing it a little bit, you can even throw an air mattress in the back and use it as a shelter when you’re fishing or hunting.

With the addition of a camper topper, you not only get covered space for your truck bed but also have a functional area on the top. You can add roof racks and firmly attach some lightweight items up there as well.

These camper tops look great and make your truck look great, too.











Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Customize Your Bike with Motorcycle Services in Amarillo, TX

 Every biker knows a motorcycle isn’t finished when it rolls off the assembly line. That’s just the beginning. There’s always something else that can be done to customize its look or maximize its performance. FX Motorsports provides a range of motorcycle services in Amarillo, TX, and we’re going to tell all our fellow motorcyclists about ways they can improve their bikes.

Let’s talk about sound first because it covers two essential factors, the exhaust system, and the stereo system. You need a performance exhaust for your bike, so the engine is more free-breathing than stock and it provides a rumble that reflects the increased horsepower. If you mate a turbocharger to your machine, it will go from mild to wild with a twist of the throttle. When you’re cruising the town, you also need some good tunes for the soundtrack of your adventure. Adding a new stereo takes care of that.

Motorcycle services encompass the whole machine, though, not just the stereo and the pipes. New rubber will give your bike the grip it needs when you’re cruising the boulevard or carving through twists and turns. Upgraded brakes are an excellent complement to new tires, as well. Of course, you can’t overlook routine maintenance because simple tasks like oil and filter changes will help keep your machine working perfectly.

One more thing you need to know about motorcycle services is that adding new bars, seat, and pegs will make the bike fit you, not the other way around. Make sure you keep your bike up-to-date with services and accessories from F/X Motorsports. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

How a Bed Cover Will Improve Your Truck

 The large box that makes a pickup truck so useful also calls out for customization. Rather than leaving that gaping space open to the elements, a bed cover in Amarillo, TX, is the solution any truck owner would want.

 We know a great deal about bed covers at F/X Motorsports, and we’re going to discuss why you should add a cover to your truck.

One of the main reasons a truck owner installs a cover is that they look great. They add a finished appearance to any pickup. There is a wide range of options available that will not only completely cover the box but allow easy access as well.

 Another reason for installing a cover is one that’s sometimes overlooked. They increase the aerodynamic shape of your vehicle by letting the wind flow smoothly over the bed rather than blowing against the tailgate. This has a positive impact on fuel economy, which is especially helpful if you do a lot of driving.

 Also, let’s talk about those hardworking pickups that contractors and small businesses rely on. If that describes your business, then you will understand when we say a bed cover is a security option. It will help keep your valuables, tools, for example, out of the weather and way from prying eyes.

 You can choose a roll-up model, a retractable one, or a one-piece custom-painted cover, for example, but whichever one you select will improve your truck’ functionality and appearance.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Upgrade Your Truck with Accessories

When you love your truck, investing in not only quality accessories, but in a quality installation as well, is the only way to go. These additions not only help you personalize your driving experience, but also ensure the longevity of the product. At FX Motorsports we offer the latest and greatest truck accessories in Amarillo, TX, and our staff has the knowledge and skills to help you find just what you are needing. Whether you’re looking for an extra bit of style and flair, or want to add important functionality for work, we’ve got you covered. The list of potential upgrades are long, but to name just a few:

  • Running Boards                             
  • Leather Interiors
  • Lift Kits
  • Drop Kits
  • Tires / Wheels 
  • Grille Guards
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Headache Racks
  • Hitches
  • Bed Covers
  • Tool Boxes
  • Bumpers
  • Winches
  • Headlights      
  • And MUCH more! 

Not every truck accessory is created equal, and that’s where buying from the experts comes in clutch. When you shop with people who know the industry, you have a chance to ask the specific questions that the internet can’t answer. The added buying confidence, paired with the feeling you’ll get behind the wheel, is well worth the investment. Whether you’re wanting to start small, or take it the full 9 yards, our knowledgable staff is here for you! Let us help you unlock the full potential of your ride, and you’ll have a brand new set of reasons to fall in love with your truck.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Benefits of Dynamic and Explosive Car Audio in Amarillo, TX

Performance doesn’t just apply to how fast your car goes, or how well it hugs the road. It’s about sound too. We’re not talking about the deep rumble of a V-8 with a performance exhaust, but the music on the inside. You want your stereo system to keep pace with the look and horsepower of your vehicle.

At FX Motorsports, our experienced technicians know a lot about installing high-quality car audio in Amarillo, TX, and they’re going to tell you why you should make sure your car or truck has a performance-packed killer stereo.

Music and road trips go together, so you want the best stereo you can find to make every minute you spend driving a rich and rewarding experience. Audio installation by our professionals is the way to go because it offers a precise fit that means your system will do more than look good. It also means you won’t listen to squeaks and rattles that distort the music. You also benefit from having optimum speaker placement to surround you in a cocoon of sound.

Other than boosting your car audio system, you should also increase the video entertainment capacity of your automobile. Hooking up a Blu-Ray or DVD player does wonders for entertaining passengers during long drives. You can easily stay in touch, too, by adding Bluetooth capability to your vehicle.
Driving is not a task to be endured; it should be a rewarding sensory experience. From your engine to your car audio setup, a dynamic system creates a terrific soundtrack.